Copper Products

Finosel copper network solution offers performance far beyond Category 6 standards, cost-effective design innovations and reliability so robust it can help to make zero network downtime.

The product design philosophy for next-generation intelligent infrastructure solution. Engineered with customers in mind, the solution couples design freedom, speed and intelligence in an easy to use package. Customers can build networks with guaranteed performance that meet their individual configuration needs and have the option to deploy intelligence upfront or whenever they desire. By integrating Finosel industry-leading network intelligence solution, customers have complete visibility and control of their physical layer infrastructure now or in the future.

Finosel offers a full range of reliable and high performance copper cabling solutions

Finosel high-end copper cabling system is a complete solution consisting of patch panels, patch cords, RJ-45 jacks, cables, cable organizer and faceplates that offers maximum performance at an economic cost. The whole system built in reliability and performance exceeding existing standards.