MeetingEye 800

Dual 4K Video Conferencing Endpoint for Large Conference Rooms

MeetingEye 800, a new-generation video conferencing endpoint designed by Yealink for large conference rooms, supports “dual 4K” video calling and content sharing, bringing an ultra-HD experience. MeetingEye 800 video conference system supports three screens to display different pictures at the same time, presenting rich information.

MeetingEye 800 adopts a detachable design and is equipped with Yealink’s professional audio and video equipment. It is easy to deploy and supports the touch panel and remote control provided by Yealink. This convenient and efficient product is an ideal choice for large conference rooms.

4K dual stream, bringing ultra-HD audio and video experience

MeetingEye 800 supports up to 4K portraits and 4K content pictures during video conferencing, which can avoid 30% video packet loss and prevent blurry display; The combination of multiple cascaded array microphones and conference speakers provides a professional audio-video conferencing experience.

Video conference system

Three-screen display to enable free display of pictures

MeetingEye 800 provides three HDMI outputs, all of which support 4K display. Three screens can present different pictures at the same time, displaying rich content. Pictures can be freely enlarged on each screen without missing any key information.


MeetingEye 800 adopts a detachable design, which supports installation and deployment such as hanging on the wall, placing on the table, hanging under the table and placing on the cabinet. Through VCH interface, the product integrates data transmission, signal control, and power supply with only one multi-function line. The accessories and the host can be connected with only one network cable, simplifying the layout of video conferencing room lines and reducing deployment costs.

Video conference system