Video conference system

VC880 Video Conferencing System 

Designed for Ultra-large Conference Rooms

video conferencing device

Support 24-site HD video conferencing capacity

Satisfy multipoint conference needs

● Yealink VC880 supports 24-site HD video conferencing capacity and it can be divided into 2 Virtual Meeting Rooms(VRM).

● With Voice Activation and Video Carousal function, the system can automatically change the layout and identify speakers, bringing a more intuitive communication

large conference room

The Most Powerful Multi-camera Solution Ever

● The VC880 multi-camera solution enables up to 9 cameras to work at the same time. You can control each camera separately, put all cameras in one picture, or set certain picture to larger/full screen.

● The deployment is simple by connecting VC880 and VCC22 cameras to PoE switch only with Ethernet cables, no need for extra power supplies for VCC22, or extra video matrix.