Key Features & Benefits

VDSL and Ethernet Router

Connect the Vigor 2763 to Superfast Fibre with its integrated VDSL modem. Or connect to VirginMedia Cable and Ultrafast FTTP with Ethernet WAN.

Benefits: Suitable for all UK Broadband services. DrayTek Firewall, Content Filtering and Quality of Service.

AC1300 Wireless with Mesh

Connect DrayTek VigorAP Access Points to the router in a wireless Mesh. DrayTek’s Self-Optimising Mesh ensures access points are always connecting through the best path to your Router.

Benefits: Easily expand wireless coverage. Reduces the need for cable installation.

Packed With Features

Configure DrayTek’s rich feature set to fit your network with App level network management, Route Policy, Quality of Service, VPN Matcher, advanced 2-factor security, DrayDDNS and more.

Benefits: Convenient and powerful DrayTek router features for hassle-free networking.

Powerful SoHo VPN Router

Connect remote locations with 2 VPN tunnels for Remote Dial-In User Teleworker and Dial-Out LAN to LAN VPN. Up to 200Mbps IPsec performance, with SSL and OpenVPN support.

Benefits: Securely access resources remotely. Connect to VPN services for secure browsing.

4 Gigabit LAN Ports with VLANs

Allows Computers, Servers and Network Attached Storage to transfer at Gigabit speed. Up to 4 LAN subnets and VLANs allow you to keep Guest networks from accessing private network data.

Benefits: Improve quality of service for private and guest data traffic.

VigorACS Central Management

DrayTek’s powerful VigorACS central management platform allows you to manage, monitor and configure the Vigor 2763, along with all other DrayTek products remotely across multiple locations.

Benefits: Save time and money. Easily provision, monitor and manage remote sites without on-site IT or dedicated staff.

The Ideal SoHo VPN Router for VDSL and Gigabit Fibre

The DrayTek Vigor 2763 series VDSL and Ethernet VPN routers are ideal for Small Office and Home Office networks. Featuring powerful Firewall and Content Filtering, configurable Quality of Service and an array of VPN capabilities, with the performance to make full use of FTTP Fibre Broadband.

Incorporating Wireless in the Vigor 2763ac model, the Vigor 2763 series provide a reliable, highly integrated and reliable connectivity solution for SoHo networks.

DrayTek Vigor 2763 series